Radio757 is a 24x7 internet radio feed from Southeastern Virginia (Hampton Roads.) The goal is to feature local and nearby artists, and locally produced content. On this site you can upload your group's work for inclusion on the station.

If you would like to drop off a CD, please use the contact email listed at the bottom of the page.

We've now added a library browser, mainly for fun. You can browse and see what is in the inventory of music that has been submitted.

Another new addition - The Show Calendar! The hope here is to use this to make recordings of upcoming events on air. Also it's a great way to promote events! RSS feed of the calendar is coming soon.

Remember, we're genre neutral! You have to listen for a while. "Dig" for your type of music!

Calling all artists! Want to help us? Make us an ident!
Record a "This is _(your band/artist name)_ and you are listening to Radio757" clip
and send it through the upload link at the top and we'll work it into the rotation!

Listen to Radio757

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MP3 Stream (Now active):

Note - Link may change in the future, please be careful about bookmarking stream!

Recently played local artists/songs.